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Keynote speaker - Dr. Julien Guillemoteau

Dr. Julien Guillemoteau is a senior researcher and lecturer in Applied Geophysics at the University of Potsdam, Germany. He teaches several modules on the theory and applications of electric/electromagnetic subsurface imaging methods (ERT, EMI and GPR) and of the potential field methods (gravity and magnetics). His research focuses on the design of optimal data acquisition and interpretation procedures aimed at exploiting the full imaging capability of geophysical data.

Please find more about Dr. Julien Guillemoteau on Keynote Speaker page.

"Geophysical methods in soil sciences, agriculture and archaeology: recent advances in surveying and quantitative data analysis

"Geophysical methods are efficient tools to characterize the spatial distribution and the temporal changes of the soil properties across hectare-scale areas. Recent technical developments include improvements in precision and sampling rate of the geophysical sensors, in new technologies supporting acquisition, such as automatic positioning setups combined with moving measurement stations (grounded and airborne), and real-time display of the data and positions. These new surveying tools now allow the collection of large and non-sparse data sets, which by definition can be interpreted with the full capacity in term of spatial and temporal resolution. In this presentation, I will perform a review of these recent advances with a particular emphasis on soil sciences, agricultural and archaeological applications, and discuss the potential for future developments.

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