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Oral Presentation Guidelines

Conference Room Equipment

The conference room (Kapitellzaal) will be equipped with:

  • a screen showing the PowerPoint presentation, the name of the speaker and the timer.

  • a podium from which the speaker will show the presentation.

  • a table for the chairmen.

  • 2 handheld microphones and 1 headphone.

  • A pointer.


Speakers’ guidelines
  • The speaker has to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt, .pptx); 16:9 horizontal format.

  • The presentation file has to be saved as ““GPSS_Speaker’s Surname”.

  • The speaker has to bring the presentation through a USB memory stick and upload it at the conference room Kapitellzaal.

  • It won’t be possible to use your laptop during the presentation.

  • The speaker is pleased to respect the scheduled timing, 15 min.

  • At the end of each session, there will be a panel discussion session.


Chairmen guidelines

The chairman should:

  • present 10 min before the session starts, and be available for the entire duration of the session.

  • ensure compliance with scheduled timing.

  • moderate the session and manage interactions between speakers and the audience during the panel discussion at the end of each session.

  • deliver concluding remarks.

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