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Keynote speaker - Mr. Steven De Meyer

Steven De Meyer is a master in Bioscience Engineering who graduated from KULeuven in 2007. After his first work experience at PCLT in Roeselare, where he started some of the first GPS and Precision Ag demonstration projects in Belgium, he started in 2011 for Vantage Agrometius. From the beginning, Steven picked up the software and sensor related questions of the larger customers in the market, as the interest in Precision Ag grew in Belgium, he started a soil scanning service in Belgium in 2015 with the Veris Soil Scanners. Since 2022 Steven is Product Manager for the Veris Services and the software portal for all countries of Agrometius.

Please find more about Mr. Steven De Meyer on Keynote Speaker page.

"soil sensing technologies as a service, practical experiences

"Mr. Steven De Meyer will give a speech during field demonstration.

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